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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Gag-Bag of Sleeze and De' pissed

I posted an update about Dina, (Claudine), Manzo's Project Ladybug on my NJ Housewives blog today, mainly because I've been monitoring the NJ Charity registration website for a more recent-than 2008 financial form.
I noticed that the 2009 filings had finally been uploaded to the database, so I re-visited  Project Ladybug. I could not find one mean thing to say about PL-and its not because I didn't look ;).
I'm wondering right-now if Mercury is in Retrograde because I also stumbled-upon another topic to update.
And a developing issue which I hope to monitor as well.
Also-(I told you this was a grab-bag-didn't I?), what led me to the "gag", (as-in gag-order), topic, was a little searching for the recent condition of Vicki Gunvelsen's daughter Brianna, which I'm happy to report is much better than what I heard earlier this week. According to Vicki's personal website, Brianna had a tough and scary week, but pathology reports from the serious surgery were an answer to prayers, and Brianna is recovering at home.
Where did it go?
I went searching for Vicki's other "ex". Remember "Wolfy"? Michael Wolfsmith, and the scandalous blog that I discovered last year? It's not there anymore! But don't worry, (or-if you are Vicki, you may be worried), he has it up and running on another URL.
Apparently, "Wolfy", took the blog offline for about ten-days, and then they, (he and his girlfriend/partner), restored it. This is where the 1st "gag-order" begins.
 "I wonder if she or any of her cling-ons have discovered we are back? You know we had suspended this blog in good faith waiting for the signature she promised you but you did not receive." -The "New" Conversations With Wolfy
You can read it all yourself, linked here http://whisper2meslowly.wordpress.com/ , but the gist of it from the way that I understand it is that Wolfy alledges, and provides what he claims are private emails between himself and Vicki ,that Vicki made Wolfy an offer to sign a legal document stating that he, (Wolfy-Michael Wolfsmith), is no longer responsible for certain arrears  from his child-support case that she had with him. Arrears are usually any unpaid amounts, say if a person pays some, but not all of their child-support obligation, the amount that they owe is labeled as "arrears". If the amount is over $500., the arrears can follow a parent forever, and in some cases prevent them from driving, getting licenses to work in a profession, and all-sorts of problems. It can also discourage someone like Gretchen from Marrying Slade Smiley for example, because in some cases, the "new spouse", becomes responsible for the delinquent parent's debt.
Here's where the "gag" comes-in: Wolfy claims that Viki offered to sign whatever he wanted, as long-as he, (and his gal-pal), shut-down his dirty-divorce blog, AND, basically, never besmirched her or her beloved business in any way online or otherwise, ever-again.
The new incarnation of his blog, claims that he kept his side of the bargain by taking-down the blog, but that he waited 10-days, and the promised signature was never received, so he put the blog back online again. And added even more dirt for good measure.
IF. (notice that it is a very big "if", but it all looks "real") this is even-close to being true, one has to ask if this could even be considered legal. It smells-of extortion and ugly control-games to me, and what does unpaid child-support have to do with blogging anyhow? I can only hope that Mr. Wolfsmith and Vicki have had a profound wake-up call with the news of their beautiful daughter's recent health problems. The fact that Brianna is even remotely connected to this sordid business is terrible in my opinion.
I'd be lying if I said that I didn't love to see one of our Real Housewives being exposed online-The editors at Bravo, and The Real Housewives, and Bravolebrities themselves may want the public to see things the way they intend for us to see them, but, (again-unless and until a disclaimer is added to the programs), when you sign yourself and your family up for reality-tv, expect your version of reality to be tested and fact-checked. There is no such thing as taking the option to investigate reality away from the viewer. But they can try to restrain the 'lebrities from telling us what really happened. (in "reality" lol). Which brings me to yet another "gag";
THE LINKS IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH ARE DOWN AS-OF 10/15/11.I HAVE A COPY OF THE PAGE ON MY HARD-DRIVE,IF ANYONE NEEDS IT EMAIL ME- DIET-REVIEW has a story http://www.dietsinreview.com/diet_column/10/james-garrison-blows-whistle-on-extreme-makeover-weight-loss-treatment-of-contestants/ (click URL to read Diet-Review story)
This one is not a Bravolebrity, but a weight-loss competitor who has a story that is disturbing (currently linked here) and HeRE-for what happened not-only to to this young man, but as he professes, the implied health dangers that the American Public is exposed-to by way of the false and misleading "reality" that ABC Television is forbidding him from exposing. I hope that you will visit his story, and in the event that the ISP is ordered to take it down,copies have been made.
  • ABC has threatened him with a 2 million dollar penalty and worse unless he deletes what he has posted because-of the confidentiality contract that he signed.
  • (the cease and desist letter is posted and in my non-lawyer/not legal advice opinion it is a bluff. A scary bluff, but possibly non-enforceable with competent legal representation). They, (ABC) may be able to force a temporary gag-order, with a court-order.
  • Dr. Oz is involved, and other ABC Extreme'lebrities and health professionals.
  • Allegations of trickery that were intended to fool and impress the viewer. Serious risks were taken with the blogger's health such-as forced dehydration, and taking diet pills, in order to make better episodes.
  • The blogger expresses concern that someone may try what they think they saw him do on television, at home, and he maintains that it is unsafe, unhealthy, and impossible because it didn't even happen the way that they claimed.
  • Also-the blogger sadly spent the last eight months being very ill and he required surgery. He attributes his own medical problems directly to what he did for this television show/diet.
It is my hope that the above man is restored to a healthy condition, but also, that his appeal for attention and legal representation is successful. I would love to see some of the terms and conditions of reality-television confidentiality contracts defined by the law. Ex-Real Housewife of New York City Jill Zarin has made-noises about wanting to test the waters and write a real tell-all, (Danielle Staub threatens it in almost every-other-Tweet) but one- she is too smart to make herself look like a bad risk to future employers, and two, unlike the Extreme Dieter, she has more to lose. (in assets-this poor guy has already lost his health and his gall-bladder along-with a few hundred pounds).