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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting Better but Jill Z is still Missing.

I didn't post a blog for episode 2 because I tried to watch it more than once, but I could not get past the first ten minutes without falling asleep.
I had low-hopes for episode 3, titled, "How to Succeed in Business without a Notepad.", and I was very pleasantly surprized. When the show was over, I felt satisfied with The Real Housewives of New York City, in a way that I haven't felt in a long time.
And yes, my other thought was that Bravo could have got it completely right IF they had kept Jill Zarin with the new cast members. And maybe Alex too.
I mentioned it on Twitter, but its worth repeating, speaking-of Alex McCord, she has created something interesting with her weekly video reports hosted on RumorFix. http://rumorfix.com/2012/06/alex-mccord-the-truth-behind-those-housewives-trips/
Her first report seemed a little stiff to me, but now that I can see how she is developing a style with this and finding her niche, I like it.
Finally they let NYC play a part in the show! Who cares about Ramona? Her drama was distracting in my opinion. My favorite part was when the women explained how leather is for Downtown. (And of course they were all following the unwritten fashion rules themselves).
And the talk about taking the subway? (Alex gives some inside info. about this in her report)
The pool on top of the roof? Loved it!
Now you might think that maybe I'm watching the wrong show? Maybe I should be watching a real estate show that tours great Manhattan real estate?
No, I like to see how the Housewives live in the city. although I'm not sure how I feel about Aviva as a cast-member yet, I was able to get some idea about what it must be like living and raising a family in the city during the scene that was recorded with her family in her bathroom.

LuAnn in my opinion, is struggling to be relevant this season. I like that she didn't try to force the feud any further with Ramona, but now I'm worried that she could do something crazy like get some poor surrogate somewhere pregnant, just to have some control over her drama.
I still cannot remember all of the new cast-member's names, and Ilana Angel pointed-out something on her blog that also bothered me, and that is the dental-work of the new gals.
Ilana calls it an "overbite'-but what I'm seeing just looks like extra-extra-large sets of chompers. Teeth so big that they don't look like they can fit in a person's mouth. Maybe "big teeth" is the East Coast version of big lips? Remember Cindy from last season and her teeth? So are giant teeth a status symbol in NYC now?

I know that The New York Daily News started a little fuss about The Real Housewives of New York City ratings. The question of whether firing Jill Zarin was a mistake that can't be fixed is asked, and apparently Jill was approached and said that she is still available with the condition that Alex be asked-back as well. Hmmmm. Those kind-of negotiations sound like a reality show right there! Much more interesting than creating some poor innocent child just so Luann has a reason to stay on the show.

Unfortunately, the one part of episode 3 that I didn't like, was the preview of the upcoming season. Maybe it was the way that it was edited, or the pacing was off for me after a nice entertaining episode? And although it was enjoyable, (unlike episode 2 which was unwatchable), the absence of Jill Zarin lingered. We are now into the third episode, with all of these other personalities, yet one red-headed character is still missed. I didn't like Jill's work last season as much as I liked it when she acted more like herself, but if I were Bravo, I would try to bring her back in. I'd LOVE to see some Jill in those talking head segments doing the play-by-play and some color commentary.

Personally, I was offended when Bravo released statements concerning firing Jill and Alex, and saying that they listened to what viewers wanted. The most vocal complainer about Ms.Zarin was the blog that used her name, the "hate"-blog. And although I don't want to interfere in other bloggers business, if Bravo thinks that a blog where the comments are very strictly censored, (contrary to the stated policy there), is the opinion of ALL of the viewers, well, they are wrong about that.