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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Season New Housewives

Well we met the new Housewives and out of all three, the only one who really stands-out for me is Aviva. The other two, just kind-of blended together for me, although they did manage to get in a few Real Housewife-style, "digs".
Ramona has no filter. Having no filter is so 2010. Its no wonder that Ramona needed Mario to help her with her dirty-work. Speaking-of Mario, did he forget to put his teeth in? And is his barber mad at him? I hate to say it, but in my opinion, a lot of the trouble is about appearances. And I don't mean "owning vs. renting" in the Hamptons "appearances". I mean flat-out physical looks.
Oh-I know, its all supposed to be about money, style, class, and of course NYC, but I can't help but think that Ramona's whole problemo with LuAnn's children, is that Victoria, Luann's daughter, is prettier than Ramona's daughter, whatever her mousey little good girl name is.
And that is why I had to make the SURVIVOR logo. The competitiveness in last night's episode seemed to me to be more than the normal one-upwomanship, it felt like a matter of survival. The massive bloodbath of season 4, has these women running scared. Well-maybe not Sonja. Sonja is too cool to let it show.
Are the Real Housewives of New York ALL being shown in their opening-shots, without their familys? I only noticed Luann as a "solo", but I'll be watching the beginning very carefully next week.
I'm sure that I wasn't the only one wondering how Jill Zarin would have done with the new mix of Housewives. And Alex-I missed them both-but Kelly not so much ha ha. I'm just not feeling Ramona and if it would have been up to me, she would have been fired instead-of Jill. But I guess she can be entertaining and the idea that she would try and blackmail Luann is scandalous.
As far as the previews for the season, I'm guessing that it is Aviva who has the "agoraphobia/apartment-phobia", or whatever neurotic problem they referred-to. The only reason I'm assuming that is because of that little exchange in the restaurant about artificial-sweetener.
I was a little offended at the way the one new-Housewife, declared that talking-about one's children made one boorish. That one may be the one to watch-out for, I think it was the Princess? Still not interesting enough for me-(yet), to remember her name. "I'll be back when you're done with the mommy-talk"-wow. And just in case anyone missed her point, she continued in her talking head.
Speaking-of children, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's curious about that teaser with Luann and Jacques.  Something about the way this was mentioned in promos, which was something like, "Luann is exploring options"-(for having a child with Jacques).....is anyone else thinking that they are hinting at a surrogate?
Life imitating The Truman Show anyone? They wouldn't-would they? Someone getting themselves knocked-up is one-thing, but purposely creating a human-being for reality television, just seems like it should be illegal or something-doesn't it? One thing I think that Luann would NOT do, and that is put herself at risk of having twins, or more ha ha. And at her age, (Wikipedia says that she is 47), even without fertility-treatment, IF she was able to get pregnant, she is at a much higher risk for twins. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see, or as they say on Bravo, "Watch what happens".