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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fake Fake Fake! I'm calling FAKE on Sex Video!

I like to check TMZ.Com, and I even leave the channel on if the television show happens to come on.
Of course I like to read the comments too. This "Teen Mom" porn story has been intriguing me lately.

I would guess that about 70% of the comments posted comment on the girl's looks. "Face of a camel", and "Horse face", seem to be the consensus. (ooh that's mean!)

But what REALLY gets to me is that almost everyone agrees that there IS a sexporn-video. The "evidence" of the existence is pretty cheesy if you ask me. Just a dumb photo of the two actors in question holding -hands, and all the "gossip"/SPIN-about an "alleged" production.

Another comment that I have seen, and yes I researched it and NO it does not appear to be true, and yes I even Tweeted @Tmz to ask (me):"Your commenters say that Vivid entertainment has a financial interest in TMZ. Is it true?".....so far no answer. But it does not appear like there is an ownership interest between the two companys.

Vivid Entertainment is the adult entertainment company who distributes a lot of the celebrity, (yes, including the famous Kim K, porn. And they are, (according to this strange story), the company who Teen Mom "HIRED"?????

wait a minute. Yeah, the most recent update to this story now has Teen Mom PRODUCING PORN! I don't know how the pornographic movie industry works, but wouldn't this be like an actor calling-up oh say Universal Pictures, and saying,
"Hi, I want to produce, and star in a movie using your studio." -random actor
Yeah, it just doesn't work like that does it? But THAT is what this Teen Mom is now saying. She is claiming that she PAID to have VIVID ENTERTAINMENT record her sex video, and that she HIRED a professional porno actor as her co-star.

The hired-hand has been quoted regarding this as saying that he is NOT a prostitute! I'm sorry but that is utter garbage as well! He was referencing the "alleged" sex-video that he allegedly was HIRED to perform-in. Hired to perform sex-acts. That is the definition of prostitution. Its all so ABSURD!

Even-if this young woman had actually done what is being claimed, (produced a sex-video), I have to ask, Is that a good investment for someone in her position to be making? But I won't rack my brain on that too much since I really think that entire thing is a GOOF.

What I am saying, is that I think that we the public, TMZ fans, and media consumers, are being jerked-around and PLAYED. Personally, I do not believe that there IS a sex video! I think that there is nothing but hot air and SPIN.

I could be wrong, but the whole story is so utterly DUMB, that it just doesn't make any sense. Notice that I'm not bothering to post Teen Mom's name. Although I would rather not even comment on this publicity STUNT, (thus awarding them more publicity!), I certainly won't give this chick's name any space on my blog.

While I was researching Vivid, I happened to notice that Melissa Rivers was linked with the owner of Vivid. http://www.shalomlife.com/culture/16351/the-perfect-jewish-couple-melissa-rivers-porn-king-steve-hirsch/ I wonder if Joan Rivers thought that her daughter was keeping it classy with that match?

And one more observation on the nonsense that TMZ expects us to believe, is that IF there were a porno, that Teen Mom has NOT already signed, sealed, and received PAYMENT from Vivid! (unless IF there were a porno, and she was working based-on sales).....but the idea, that this big studio would allow someone to use their company to produce a porno, and then they didn't OWN it themselves??? That they would have to pay for the rights for it AFTER they made the porno? No. Just NO. I just do not believe it.