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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Is this the face of the Toaster-oven and Toaster-oven Cookbook Soup Nazi?

Sad really, because demand for toaster-ovens and toaster-oven recipes is reaching an overwhelming demand, and only Sonja Morgan's meticulously, made-in-the-USA, cheese-melting, broiling, machine will fill the desire. Surveys of my own acquaintances have revealed that the world thinks of Sonja and her disappointing non-production of toaster-ovens, and toaster-oven recipes, every time we perform an unsatisfactory cheese-melt in a (sorry I hope that no one is eating)-microwave. Yes, microwaved melted cheese has lost just about every fan that it ever had. And I blame Sonja for that as well.

Sonja addresses the lack-of progress with the toaster that everyone has been waiting-for in her Bravo (here) blog for this week, and she acknowledges that her motion picture lawsuit and her other financial objectives are influencing her activities. So I think it is safe to say that what'shername's husband was only acting, (scripted)-like he thinks that Sonja is a fool.

  " I'm not afraid of making mistakes. I'm afraid of making the same mistake twice."-Sonja
About that new-fangled, hammock-style yoga? Bad-timing that this episode aired this week after the recent circus accident in the news. Still-it looks like fun, but PLEASE wear HELMETS. And a yoga-mat isn't going to be a thick-enough "safe-landing" when we try this at home-is it?

Survey also says, everyone wants to go to The Berkshires, if only to avoid running-into the likes of Ramona.

Sonja appeared on Watch What Happens Live as Andy's guest, and I noticed that when Andy Cohen pronounced "Sonja-rhymes-with phone-ya", it didn't bother me like it does when Ramona says it. I was also glad to hear a caller from NJ, pronounce it as "sON-ya" (rhymes-with on ya)--when addressing Ms. Morgan, and Sonja answers to BOTH versions without insisting on a correction.

Sonja also responded enthusiastically, and positively to a WWHL caller who hinted that Sonja's "brand" was approaching the reputation of Grey Gardens-type of style. Sonja embraced the question as a compliment, and indicated that Edith Bouvier Beale is one of her heros. Yes, Sonja has done her homework alright, but at what point does it become a problem, to hoard-away the long-anticipated toaster oven and recipe book from the hungry masses? Despite the gossip and smack-talk being done about Sonja by her friends and frenemies, no one else has come-forward to fill the toaster-oven need that Sonja has created, so I'm going to keep waiting 'till she's good and ready to show us what she's got.