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Friday, May 2, 2014

Is it just me or does this season feel like someone is missing?

Maybe I'm talking-about the OC wives? Yes, actually THAT is who I'm thinking-about in the title of this post.(as Emily Litella would say, "nevermind". You are OLD like me if you get that one-sorry).----hang-on, it's going to take me a minute to warm-up here.
It HAS been awhile since I've blogged!
No-I have NOT been diagnosed with adult ADD-(and if saying-that generates any weird ads for the condition in my sidebar, I do NOT endorse any ads that happen to appear on this blog unless I say so). still warming-up...#PN-("playing now"-as they say on Twitter), well due to the recent publicity featuring Paul Simon, I had a yen for some Simon and Garfunkel-so if you want to know what I'm listening-to while I ATTEMPT to get on-topic hehe, here you.....
There's more but You-Tube/Blogger wouldn't let me post the long-playing index. Oops just switched to Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here", oh well, I'm listening to some nice music. I really DO have a few things to say about this season on The Real Housewives of NYC. I think I'm going to do the run-down "mean-girls"/burn-book style, as a list.
Starting-with the NYC Housewives that I think that I have the least to talk-about, and then get into the current ladies and plot-lines that have attracted my interest so far.
  • Jill Zarin
  • ---Miss her on the show, on Bravo-TV
  • Bethanny
  • ---Now that the pressure is off and her talk show has been cancelled, I've noticed an improvement. That entrepreneur feature is a really good segment, and with the enormous popularity of ABC's Shark-Tank , I think she has a great gimmick with that. 
  • Simon and Alex
  • --Would LOVE to see these two back on Bravo or The Real Housewives.
Is this thing on? Jeeeez. I barely remember how to BLOG, -just switched tunes to some Skynyrd, (had to code a little HTML there for that list old-skool-style, so I needed something a little more bad-ass.) Any ex-RealHousewives not mentioned don't really matter to me. Although now that I think about it, I wonder how that one who wanted to delete everyone's pubic hair is doing? But-I don't care enough to find-out right now.--

So-. That leaves us with this season's cast:
  • Ramona
  • --yeah, I don't really care for her. Not much to see there imo. I'll grudgingly give her a little respect for turning "crazy eyes" into her brand, 'cause that took some guts, but that's it. You know what I HATE about Ramona the worst? Its the way that she pronounces "Mario". As anyone reading this probably knows, I'm a JERSEY GIRL. Now if I had a husband named "Mario"-there is only ONE correct way to say it: rhymes with "fairy"'O, (don't even try going there, NO pun intended), like in the video game, the "MARIO Brothers". NOT-"MARio-where it rhymes-with "far"eeeooo"......what kind-of pretentious BS is that? The cheating scandal is just a little bit intriguing only because we know that it happened while the show was taping. (allegedly? OR is this a fake-out of the Tori and Dean variety?). Sick because we can all imagine Bravo Andy rubbing his hands together when Page Six jumps on the bandwagon with dirt about the Wives.
  • Aviva
  • I still like her. The trip to revisit her trauma was a little much and too transparently scripted, but I just like her AND her fake-leg AND the fact that she has turned her fake-leg, (oops I mean "prosthetic"-leg-but I don't know how to spell that)-into the fifth or sixth NY Housewife. Believe me, if those scenes had been any less-scripted, I think that we could ALL be traumatized. So the fakeness there protected everyone, (I hope), from too much intensity. I like Aviva and her family, AND her leg. Not so much her icky Dad, but points for dealing with his crap on tv too because he's her dad and unconditional love can be a bitch sometimes. Don't any of you DARE say a bad word about Aviva-she just might be my favorite NY Wife-OK?
  • Sonja
  • --She's my girl Sonja cannot do anything wrong. She's that good. She knows exactly how to play reality-TV and keep it entertaining. Oh yeah--I also can't stand the way that Ramona says, "Sone-ya"--rhymes-with "phone-ya", I prefer rhymes-with "on"-ya. I guess I really just don't like much about Ramona or the way that she pronounces words? And Mario always looks kind-of gross to me. WHY AREN'T THEY JUST GONE?
oh dear. Sorry about that. And that leaves the two women of NYC Housewives that were interesting to me after this week's episode. And I cannot believe I am saying this ha ha. Heather and Carole. Yep----I even memorized how to spell "Radziwill" It seems that Carole wants us to know that she is a Wikipedian. Some of you guys know that I am one too. So I Wikipedia'd the heck out of her this week. Yep, she wasn't lying (see the talk page connected to her article (link)). I even watched her page get vandalized-(and back again) and did a little editing on some of her topics myself. (I stopped myself before I got too far into Lithuanian Royalty-those editors who specialize-in and watch royalty topics are just too bitchy for me, especially after the big blow-out over the Jahi McMath topic, and the Raw Milk article where I innocently tried to help the project but --I know now when to not even go there.)

So I learned that
Carole has an extensive background in the News and Documentary genre. And she's digging-in for a sophomore season of Housewives. Hmmm. She bares watching if-only for the idea that she could be the ULTIMATE LOOSE CANNON! of reality television that we need. Why else would someone with a credible, somewhat respectable, (OK-relatively speaking here), professional reputation, infiltrate reality television???????? WHY? She COULD be the secret-agent that we've all been waiting-for. If not, she's boring.  

Heather. First of all-she gets a pass in my book for dealing with a very sick child. I was surprized to learn more about her legal issues this week. Mentioned on the show that she is involved in a legal-prob. with competitor Spanx©. THAT issue proved to be very interesting. I called Heather a "patent troll" on Twitter, and someone got back to me right away to correct me. No-she's not exactly the definition of a patent troll since Heather actually produces and sells her garments. But the skirmish has been noticed in the fashion industry-where as we all know being a "copycat" is business as usual. What was even MORE interesting, and why I (maybe a little incorrectly), name-called Heather, was that in reading the cease and desist letter posted from Heather to:Spanx©--it was revealed that Heather SUCCESSFULLY settled a PREVIOUS patent claim against Maidenform for SIX-PLUS+ MEEEEELLLIIION dolla$-(rhymes-with HOLLA! and yes I LIKE how she annoys everyone with that)
----So, respect to the smart ladies in this season's cast.
I forgot about LuAnne and Jacques. Oh-well, they are boring so far too. I think that LuAnne needs to maybe become gay for real or something? I'd like to see her break-out-because I do like her and respect her work, but she just plays it too too safe in my opinion.
THANK-YOU for reading this! Sorry if I offended anyone with my opinions spelling or grammar. I guess that's it for now. I DO have more to say, but I've been saying MOST of it in 140 or less lately on Twitter. I didn't even get into that Cray-Cray family with the "metrosexual" dad and "Miss Carolina-WHAT?" Momma-and yes they are outrageous for being on television. DID THEY NOT WATCH THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY? I see problems for them ahead. BROUGHT TO YOU BY LYNYRD SKYNARD live from Asbury Park NJ 1977 http://youtu.be/QoEZa5oG4b4?t=57m26s

I'm going to post this on Twitter-probably more than once so that any and everyone who would be interested has a chance to read it. And yes I gave a Celebrity Blogger crap earlier for doing that and yeah I was off-base, wrong, and I am humbled that my apology was accepted. -bye for now hope I can update more often. I am also becoming the SOUP NAZI of blogging lol-"No blog for you".