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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Part 3: The Timeline- Is Wall St Lady the Real Housewives Hate-Blogger?

(WARNING:I'm confused! I don't know if There are spoilers here or NOT! If you hate spoilers, don't read this! Because I don't really know WTH is going-on)
Is ALL of it, ALL of I Hate Jill Zarin, a giant JOKE on US? I can't quite wrap my head around that, but there are hints here and there that everything with Lynn Hudson and IHJZ just might not be what it seems to be. This is my timeline and I'm sticking to it. On November 20th, 2010, the I Hate Jill Zarin,(IHJZ), blogger known-as "Wall St Lady", posted a guest-blog on IHJZ (link here) about attending "the Chum's"-birthday party.
The Blogger known-as "Wall St Lady", is a bit of a sore-spot with Lynn Hudson, the Owner of I Hate Jill Zarin.
Since I do not have comments open on this site, I am responsible for everything that is posted here so I keep my email visible in case anyone has a problem with the material posted here. In all of my time blogging The Housewives I have only received one request, (ummm-it was more like a DEMAND!), that I take-down something that I have posted. What I had posted was some information about the blogger known-as Wall St Lady. That request came from Lynn Hudson.
What did I post and take-down about Wall St Lady? Whatever it was was information that had been posted on IHJZ. Since I have a policy of deleting upon request, I honored Lynn's demand. But I also decided that maybe there was something in that information, (again-information that had been posted on Lynn's blog IHJZ), such-as the REAL LIFE identity of Wall St Lady, that did not need to be on the www. I never had a problem with the blogger known-as Wall St Lady-I liked them whoever they are/were.
I haven't checked all of Lynn's old IHJZ blogs online to see if the info. is still there, (more about that later!), but the character known-as Wall St Lady was encouraged by Lynn to reveal her "true" identity on the blog in a teasing, drawn-out, guessing-game. I did have a problem with that. So did some other people but it fell on deaf-ears. From the way that I remember it, Lynn assured the commenters and readers that Wall St Lady was a big-girl and that if she chose to post her identity on the blog that it was her business.
It went something like this; (Wall St Lady) - I'm actually very wealthy and very well-known in real life. I run with a fabulous crowd just like Jill Zarin. Bobby Zarin is my hired-help. He measured my windows for draperies!
Soon after that, Lynn posted to assure her readers that Wall St Lady was, "The real deal", or some such confirmation of Wall St Lady's identity.  But it didn't stop there. The blogger going-by Wall St Lady was then allowed to play "Guess who I am?", complete with hints, until someone's real life identity and business was revealed to be the "real" identity of Wall St Lady.
Unfortunately, by that time, the hate-blogger Lynn, aka Lynn Hudson, aka Lynnnchicago101, aka I Hate Jill Zarin, had some haters of her own. Were they jealous of her popularity and blogging ability? No-they had some real reasons to dislike IHJZ. (more about that later too!).
In any event, at that point, Lynn knew that IHJZ was being scrutinized by people that were not pleased with her antics, and that her blog was being watched for mistakes and missteps.
Despite being warned, (repeatedly), Lynn played-along with the Wall St Lady guessing game, and even posted about forming a real-life personal friendship with Wall St Lady. Lynn later strongly hinted if not outright confirmed that she stayed-with Wall Street Lady while visiting New York City to attend a book-launch for one of the DC Housewives.
People who had seen Lynn in-action found the love-fest between Wall St Lady and Lynn ironically hilarious for one reason. The character known as Wall St Lady, as readers of IHJZ were to learn by her own admission, is "dyslexic". Many times the postings of Wall St Lady were barely comprehensible, and if they could be deciphered they were littered with misspellings and grammatical errors. I have personally received one-of Lynn's Grammar-Nazi beat-downs for mistakenly using the word "anyhow" instead-of "anyways" and I have a suspicion that she is the one who anonymously emailed me to tell me that I had misused the word "irregardless".
Lynn's irritation with syntax/spelling/, and grammar errors makes the dreaded Strega on TWOP, look liberal when it comes to that kind-of thing. I appreciate corrections, and I know that I make mistakes-who doesn't?
So-I got-over Lynn's over-reaction to my mistakes, but I secretly hoped that my syntax errors and hyphen-habit on her board drove her a little nuts.
OK-it looks like this post is getting too-long. I didn't want to drag Wall St Lady into this, but it is CRUCIAL to the timeline. In the guest-blog mentioned above and featured-on the timeline as what I think is the catalyst to Bobby Zarin's "offer he can't refuse", to Simon-the blogger known-as Wall St Lady gets the ball rolling with her real-time/real-life/online appearance at Alex and Francois's birthday-party.
The folks over at IHJZ have been beside themselves since being featured as part-of the plot for season IV and they have reconstructed their own timeline, (and then deleted it! why?), for when it all went-down. In fact, QuincyIl, who is the co-author of IHJZ, said this about it:
"Morocco was not Scary Island. IHJZ blog is Scary Island for season 4." (-QuincyIl in IHJZ)
This development was a surprise to myself and others--but was it a surprise to Lynn? I'm not so sure about that . For all-of the back-slapping and back-linking they have posted since last Thursday's episode, they left-out mention of Wall St Lady's guest-blog, and guest-appearance at Alex & Simon's home. From the way that I see it, if "I Hate Jill Zarin" is the hate-blog that Bobby referred-to, than Wall St Lady's visit to Alex and Simon's home occurred shortly before the "Sweet-Sixteen" episode happened, and that is what Bobby Zarin was talking-about.
Inviting a random fan to a private children's birthday party, in one's home, is a little on the risky-side? Not to worry, its all explained piece by piece in Lynn's blog. Lynn met Simon and Alex on their book tour in Chicago, and she's not an axe-murderer. Lynn "vetted" Wall St Lady, in an excruciatingly strange way on I Hate Jill Zarin. We've been led to believe that Wall St Lady is "harmless", and anyone who questions the oddity of it all is either banned, blocked, or deleted. Other bloggers besides myself, such as StoopidHousewives.com, have reported being sent rude demands to delete any mention of Wall St Lady from their Housewives blogs.
That. From a blog who tells us over and over that: " the only rule here is to be kind to others"-(quote I Hate Jill Zarin on any given day).
Wall St Lady was invited to the "Chums's" party that allegedly happened in real-time on November 14, 2010. Jill and Luann's daughter Victoria have the same birthday, (November 22). If both Sweet Sixteen parties happened on the same night, that would have been on December 11, 2010. Both parties were reported in the media at that time. Victoria's (here) and Avery's in OK! Magazine.
Last Thursday was episode 12 of season IV by the way, and this Thursday's episode, (Your Tweeting Heart),  is a continuation of the "Hate-Blogger"-story. Zap2it.com previews episode 13 with:
"Simon approaches Jill to discuss some of their issues; Kelly, Jill and LuAnn discuss Simon's cyber-bullying".-Zap2it.com
Simon did post with his real name to IHJZ, contrary to what was said recently by Alex McCord in her Bravo blog, sometime in February. Simon wanted the readers of IHJZ to hear his side about Kelly's problem with changing her name on Twitter. That was long-after the Sweet-Sixteen events. TV-Time 101 attempts to explain that here. Simon even logged-in to I Hate Jill Zarin with his own cute little avatar.
I'm familiar with the name Damnert, from the Housewives blogosphere but I'm not sure if they are still active?
In the I Hate Jill Zarin blog where Simon posts as himself (HeRE), he mixes-it-up with Damnert. @Damnert got it right, almost. And maybe @Damnert gave Bravo the "Scary Island" ending that they needed for season IV if they sent this Tweet to @SimonvanKempen while the Kelly stupidly changing her Twitter name in real-life controversy was going-on? According to IHJZ, @Damnert sent this Tweet to Simon:
@Damnert: TO: @SimonVanKempen OHhhh wait, so season 4, when I watch is gonna cover your DMing Chris wanting her to give Kelly her name back ? #NOt
OK-that's enough for now. No you didn't miss Part 1.Part 2 was posted first. I'm still working-on Part 1. This is a complicated story!