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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Part Two-the Deleted Blogs. Why Does Lynn Hudson have Bravo's Expense Reports?

There was so much to say about I Hate Jill Zarin and the now mysterious Lynn Hudson, that I had to write two posts. The first one is some background, and some of my personal experience. But it got so long that I decided to write a separate entry for the mystery of the missing posts.
Now that IHJZ is part of the story on The Real Housewives of New York, something that I never would have posted here, is on-topic.
This isn't a blog about bloggers-its mostly a blog about The Real Housewives. So I made a point not to post much info. about other bloggers here.......but now Bravo has crossed that line.
Before I knew about RSS-feeds, (more about that later), I was reading I Hate Jill Zarin one day. Besides catching-up with any original content that Lynn and Quincy may have posted, I always like to see what they have absconded-with and blatantly used without permission or credits to the original creators.
On any given day licensed photographs are used, (without proper credit or permissions), along-with other material which they use as-if they owned it.
One day something caught my eye. It was a snarky remark made by Lynn regarding the "hanger incident" in Morocco with Cindy. The blog was mostly a recap of a Morocco episode, and then the usual comments posted. There were over two-hundred comments, and only one of those commenters asked about the remark that Lynn had made.
I found it odd that the question was ignored completely. I found it so strange that I downloaded a copy of the entire page and saved it, on the off-chance that it would be deleted. IT WAS DELETED!
Lynn posted an explanation-with no mention of the item that had caught my attention.
Here is Lynn's excuse for removing the entire blog along with the comments:
Thank-You Reader for Sending this!
The image above can be clicked to see more clearly. Notice "Google Reader"-that is an RSS-feed and I'll post later the importance of RSS which I have learned about thanks to some kind email readers and helpful people over at StoopidHousewives.com

Now here is the "snark" in question. I was reading Lynn's blog that day and silently fuming that with everything that she has going for herself, that she once again stolen the one gimmick that I had that was original to my blog. Since there are so many recaps online, and good ones, including Lynn's, I wanted to give the readers of my NJ, and NY Housewife blogs something different. I decided to blog about the Bravo blogs that cast-members post after the shows.
Within hours of posting  and Tweeting my idea, Lynn was doing the same thing-NOT the first time, and I'm not the only one she has stolen ideas or work from. Along-with that she posted this:
We DiD???
I would sure like to see a copy of that expense report! I combed Lynn's blogs to see another mention of the "reports". I combed Andy Cohen's blogs and Bravo videos. I widened my search. How on earth did "we" all see these reports??
Only one commenter meekly admitted to being a "dummy" like myself and asked the question which I could not ask because I am banned from the blog.

The question was ignored. The entire blog was deleted a few days later, (see Lynn's excuse above).
Now that Lynn Hudson, and IHJZ, are part of the show, I think that the viewers have a right to know.
If anyone one knows where the report has been made available to us "all"-please email me and I will share that here. But if posting this remark was a mistake on Lynn Hudson's part-and yes I am implying that that is what happened, and that she went-back to cover her tracks and deleted the blog for that very reason, then my question is, how and why does Lynn have access to a network Vice President's expense reports?
I considered the idea that she simply made it up or lied, but I don't think so. A "line-item" for "hangers", is a pretty specific detail to invent. So I'm going-with the idea that there is an expense report, and that Lynn did see it, and that she mistakenly forgot that it wasn't made available to the public.
Could I be wrong about all of this? Yes.
But until I see the report for myself, or hear a good explanation as-to why Lynn posted that and then deleted it, I will be curious about it.
I'm posting Part II first by the way. I know this is confusing, but this "expense report"-business needs to be addressed. You didn't miss Part I because I haven't posted it yet.